Welcome to our site

We are LORENZO FERRETTI GARSI and DESOLINA MORI, two architects who opened the studio, L’Archivolto, on April 1st, 1984 in Reggio Emilia.  We’ve been working on architectural as well as restoration, restructuring and interior design projects ever since.  We are mainly active in the Emilia Romagna and Lombardy regions.  We have also had projects in Rome, Rimini, Venice as well as in Tuscany and Liguria and on the islands of Sardinia and Corsica, in addition to numerous other locations.  We find most satisfaction in being involved in the whole project from the initial site planning all the way the final stages of the interior design and furnishings.  It is a process of forming a strong relationship with our clients which allows us to develop a specific project that is uniquely tailored to their needs.  We are very fond of our area but still find satisfaction and creative energy working in other environments, often in collaboration with other studios.  We invite you to explore our site and view some of our past projects as a way to get to know us better